Christmas Marketing Strategy # 3 – Solve your Customers problems

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Pay attention to what I am about to say because it is really important. There are two reasons and two reasons only why customers buy products and services from your Salon and those reasons have absolutely nothing to do with you, your expertise, the products you use or how pretty your Salon is. In every marketing workshop I teach, I tell Salon Owners that consumers purchase products and services from a Salon like yours because…

                a. They have a problem that needs to be solved.

                b. They want to make themselves feel good.

This concept is extremely important to understand because if you don’t get it, you end up creating marketing that communicates the wrong message. If you don’t understand these two purchase motivators you end up talking rubbish about yourself and your Salon instead of talking about the customer and what she wants.  You will use these two purchase motivators to create all of your marketing material for Christmas. Successful marketing that puts money in the bank doesn’t talk about products and services, it talks about feelings, emotions and solutions to customer problems. However, every ad, every special, every flyer that I see goes on and on about the wrong stuff. If you want to create adverts, vouchers, flyers and emails that work this Christmas, focus on your customers problems and how she will feel when she leaves your Salon. Here is a practical exercise for you. Sit down with your staff and answer these three questions;

a. What problems your customers have this Christmas? I.e. Not enough time, too little money, not knowing what gifts to buy, am I going to look ugly on the beach etc…

b. How do your customers want to feel this Christmas? Younger, slimmer more confident, etc…

c. What solutions does my salon offer consumers?

Make sure that everything you say and everything you do speaks directly to your customers’ needs this Christmas. Salon Management

Does your Salon Software allow you to create & send ads like this?

 Studio Customers can go immediately to the Store inside of Salon Management Studio and download the following adverts and Sales Letters

Attention Men – How to stay out of the dog box this Christmas. This is an effective, humorous sales letter that you can quickly and easily send to all the males on your database. You will have the laughing and buying on of three special offers for the Lady / Ladies in

 their life

Look Red Hot this Christmas Advert for email, Facebook and Web Marketing. Take a look at the picture on the right. Here is a gorgeous advert created using sound Direct Response Marketing principles that focuses on selling must haves this Christmas, nails, waxing and skincare.

Don’t know what to buy the person who has everything? Another Sales letter that focuses on selling retail items as stocking stuffers and more…

Over the next week more adverts will be posted on the Store. These will also include ad’s and marketing material for New Years , so get marketing now!

Christmas & New Years

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One Response to “Christmas Marketing Strategy # 3 – Solve your Customers problems”

  1. Arstell van der Wal says:

    Dear Voughn and team

    We at Nail and Beauty house used your Matric Farewell marketing material what a schocker it really worked for us,we combine beauty with hair both the hairdressers gain from us they got new and very satisfied young ladies with beautifull upstails full set of nails and gel toes, when the mothers came to fetch them we handed out champagne and orange juice to calm the nerves,so now the mothers also know where to do their beauty and hair treatment.
    Thankyou for all your effort to make the beauty industry worth our while
    We appreciate you and your loyal team

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