Salon Management Studio | CRM

Answering these 5 questions can change your Salon / Spa forever

  1. Would you like to gain control over your Salon simply by booking clients in and using your scheduler?
  2. Would you like a Salon Software system that is quick and easy to use and won’t break your bank account?
  3. Would you like a Salon Software system that actually gives you the information you need as a Salon Owner / Manager?
  4. Would you like a tool that will help you manage, measure and motivate your staff ?
  5. Would you like access to Inner Circle training, tools, business advice and coaching from a business that understands you, your Therapists, your Salon and has a track record in our industry?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you need to invest five minutes of your time to read this report.

Imagine that you could get new customers coming in to your Spa, old ones coming back, everyone buying more and all it took was 2 to 3 clicks of your mouse button. Well stop imagining because now you can! You know you’re Salon, your customers and your staff. Salon Management Studio will give you the tools, the training and the strategies to maximise your database, market your Salon, boost sales and get control of your business.

At the heart of every world class Salon is the ability to understand the customer, satisfy their needs and stay in touch better than your competitors can. A recent marketing study found that 68% of customers said that they stopped doing business with a Spa because they felt that they were not valued. The real reason customers don’t come back has nothing to do with price. Most customers don’t come back because of apathy after the sale is made. Customers are forgotten about, never contacted by the Spa and never made to feel special.

Salon Management Studio CRM©is a cutting edge Salon Software Management Software system that has been created in consultation with, leading Beauty Colleges as well as Spa and Salon Owners from all over South Africa. precise | accurate | reliable and user friendly, Salon Management Studio CRM©will help you find and retain clients, manage your scheduler and grow your business with results orientated marketing strategies. Use Salon Management Studio CRM©™, artificial intelligence to keep your fingers on the pulse of your business. Getting critical information has never been this accurate or this easy. Simply get the information you need at the click of a button and turn that information into action that makes a difference to your bottom line. Salon Management Studio CRM©also allows you to;

  • Get complete control of your business simply by using our advanced Scheduler.
  • Profile customers according to age, gender, language, ethnicity, marital status, age, purchases, preference and purchase history.
  • Target your market with precision – Put the right marketing message in the right customers hand at the right time – guaranteed.
  • Send target customers targeted, relevant emails and sms’s
  • Provide customised after sales follow-up at the click of a button.
  • Reward customer loyalty with our innovative e-Voucher System™
  • Identify and eliminate challenging customers at the click of a button.
  • Increase revenue with our automated Birthday and Anniversary marketing system.
  • Free your time and simplify your life with our innovative easy to use system.
  • Play Spa music throughout your Spa with our integrated Spa music channel.
  • Get access to additional integrated business articles, videos and downloads and training directly from the Spa Consultants.
  • Keep Your Customers informed and keep your business in the front of their minds.
  • Reward customer loyalty and incentivise future business.
  • Measure and maximize the effectiveness of your staff performance, service, treatment locations and marketing campaigns
  • Turn information into action with our customised Key Business Indicators and dashboards.
  • Measure and maximise the effectiveness of your treatment booking
  • Minimize missed appointments by 80% in 30 days and increase revenue.

Some of the new features on version 2.0 include

  1. e Mail
  2. Group e Mail
  3. Template support
  4. Full HTML e Mail creation
  5. Hundreds of pre-built e Mail templates available ONLY on the store.
  6. Social networking templates
  7. Content management System fo you to look after your own websites.
  8. Radio Channels
  9. Live TV Channels for your Salon to be broadcast to the world
  10. Face book integration
  11. and dozens of new features available.




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