You have to watch this video!

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Do you really understand how important your work is? If you think that you are just a Somatologist, just a Nail Tech or even just a Stylist then you don’t understand what it is that you really do and neither do you understand how important your work is in the lives of the people you serve! Do yourself a favour and watch the video below…

Psychologists tell us that almost every person that walks into your Beauty Business has a low self-esteem. Almost every human being out there has things about their face, their hair and their body that they don’t like. As you saw in the video, when people look at themselves in the mirror, they don’t think of themselves in a positive light.

For years now I have been telling Salon Studio customers that there are only Consumers buy treatments and products from your Salon to;

  1. Make themselves feel good.
  2. To solve a problem.

I hope that this video has helped you understand this more fully.  Your job as a Therapist, Nail Tech or Stylist is to solve your customer’s problems and to make people feel good about themselves again.

When your customer looks good, she feels good about herself. Your work as a Therapist, Stylist or Nail Tech is important; in fact it is deeply spiritual. You matter and your work matters. So stop talking to your customer about waxes, nails, facial and haircuts. Start asking your customer questions about what she doesn’t like about herself and what she wants to change. Stop talking so much about your products and services and start talking about feelings, emotions and solutions to customer problems.

Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon summed up your work correctly. One day, when asked what Revlon actually does he answered, “In the factory we manufacture cosmetics but in the drugstore we sell women hope.” You give hope, That’s your job, that’s what you sell – don’t forget it!



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