Put your business in the palm of your customers hand


At Salon Studio we teach all our clients that their biggest asset is their customer database. Regardless of how many customer you have on that database, let me ask you a very important question, “How many of the customers on your database own a cellphone?” That may sound like a dumb question. Maybe I should ask you, “Which of your customers doesn’t own a cellphone?” Cellphones have taken over our lives, we all have at least one and we take it with us everywhere we go.In fact, we can’t live without them. Take a look at a recent newspaper article entitled “The consumers love affair with their mobile phone.”

Consumers love their mobile phones – sometimes more than their own lovers. A survey of 300 people between the ages of 15 and 40 years, conducted in South Africa found that: 
· 53% of respondents have used their mobile phones to respond to a brand promotion
· 78% leave their phones on and in reach 16-plus hours a day (This is great news for Salon Owners who use SMS as a marketing tool!)
· 80% of South Africans sleep with their phones on because of their fear of crime
· 14% admit they’ve answered their phones while having sex
· 63% wouldn’t lend their phone to a friend for the day
· 38% say they’d go back home for a forgotten phone before they’d go back for a forgotten wallet
· 45% think a phone says as much about a person as his car.

In today’s hectic, fast moving world, it is important to be able to reach your customers anywhere and at any time. Most of your clients are busy people who are constantly on the go. In the past, reaching these people has been challenging and expensive. With Salon Management Studio’s software and SMS Marketing Training you can reach individuals and groups of people instantaneously, regardless of where they are. SMS marketing is an inexpensive, fast and easy method for a Salon to promote its products and services and it is fast  becoming the number 1 marketing tool for Hair & Beauty businesses across the country. Plus it is a great tool for helping all types of Hair and Beauty businesses organize their appointments, while at the same time increasing business with targeted offers, promotions and vouchers. SMS marketing is easy to set up and extremely cost-effective, working out at a fraction of the cost of a phone call or an advert.

Spa’s and Salons are finally starting to realize that SMS is a great Marketing and Business Building Tool. However, most Salon Owners and Managers have never been taught how to use SMS as a Marketing Tool. There are rules to marketing via print media, email, Facebook and there are also rules when for SMS Marketing. Salon Management Studio is the only Salon and Spa Software company in South Africa that teaches the principles of SMS as a Marketing tool.  Not only do we supply people with great marketing tools, our tools are backed up by the best marketing training in the country! SMS is a tool and a tool is only as good as the person using it, so we want to make sure that you become great as a Salon Marketer. Take a look at some of the topics we cover in our practical one day SMS Marketing course…

  • How to get the right message to the right person at the right time
  • The principles of effective SMS Marketing
  • Making money from your Salons Biggest Asset
  • How to get subscribers to your value added communication program
  • The 7 rules of SMS Marketing – follow these rules and get up to 40% response rates from every SMS campaign
  • How to create SMS Templates that sell
  • How to minimize missed appointments by 80% within 30 days
  • How to setup an SMS Competition
  • 24 Bonus ideas for SMS Marketing
  • Measuring your Effectiveness – the little known secret of boosting your SMS Marketing

We are so confident that our SMS Marketing course will take your Salon Marketing to the next level that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on the program. Attend one of our SMS Marketing courses and if by the end of the training you are not satisfied with the practical value of the program, we will give you your money back immediately. It is that simple.

For more information on Salon Studio’s SMS Marketing course, “Put your business in the palm of your customers hand,” contact Salon Management Studio now by clicking HERE or send an email to vaughan