What you do this Christmas will determine your January

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What will you do over the next three weeks to guarantee that you will have a successful January 2013?
Can you believe it? Christmas is around the corner. For many Salons and Day Spas, Christmas is the busiest period of the year. Last week I spoke to a Salon Owner who told me that she generates 30% of her yearly turnover from Christmas Sales. If you are on the ball, Christmas can generate a lot of business for your Salon too!
HOWEVER, having said that, what are you doing to make sure that you have a great December and January?
Are you actively doing things to generate more sales or are you simply hoping that December and January will be good for you.
Here’s something for you to think about – everything that you do over the next three weeks will determine what kind of December and January you will have. Did you get that, if not, read that sentence again.
Everything that you do, or don’t do for the next 21 days will determine how much money you make in December and January. Most Salons do pretty poorly in January and they usually blame it on the economy. BUT, the problem is not the economy…
The real problem is that most Salons are Owner run and operated, this means that the business owner gets so busy doing treatments in December that she does not have the time or energy to do the thinking, planning and marketing that ensures that the December business continues into January and February.
Sure, many of your customers will spend most of their money in December and have less cashflow in January, but you can put strategies into place right now that will generate repeat business and new bookings for January.
Because we know that you get busy in December and don’t have a lot of time, Salon Management Studio has done the hard work for you. We have put together the most comprehensive ever Christmas Marketing Toolkit for our customers. We have created 9 easy to use email and sms marketing tools that you can use in sequential order. Here they are;
TOOL # 1 A “book your appointment now because we are running out of space before the holidays” sales letter that you can email to all of your clients. (See below) Add your operating hours and closing date to the email and then send it to all your clients and watch the bookings come in. You can increase your response rate by sending out an accompanying sms with the email. Go to the marketing store inside of Salon Studio now to get the sales letter and the sms template.
TOOL # 2 An “Early Bird Buy on Get One Free Voucher Special.” Print it out, put it up all over the Salon and email it out to all your clients 2 – 3 days after the above sales letter. Get your staff trained on selling vouchers. The purpose of this tool is simple, to help you sell as many vouchers this December as possible. Please note that the special says that Vouchers can only be redeemed from the 26th of December. This was done on purpose – the idea is to drive as much business to your Salon at the end of December and beginning of January. These are usually slow times for Salons, but we want to help you to keep business coming in. Make sure that you are ready to cross sell, upsell and rebook these clients in.
TOOL # 3 Next, we have created a three part email series that you can email to all the females on your Salon Studio CRM database. Women usually do most of the gift buying n South African households, and this “gift guide” series is focused on helping buyers find the perfect gift for their teens, their moms, mothers in law, aunts and grannies. Plus it also has some creative ideas for buying something unexpected and surprising for the man in their life. Simply download the series, add in your own specials and send them out all at once or 2 -3 days apart from each other.
TOOL # 4 Next, we two different, gorgeous “Christmas Couples Massage” templates designed for men and women. This is an easy to sell promo that is also romantic and unforgettable. Once again, print them out, put them up all over the Salon and get your staff trained on selling this package. You may want to put these templates up on your Facebook page and website also!
TOOL # 5 The second last Christmas Marketing tool must be sent 5 – 7 days before Christmas. This is a new, ready made Christmas Card with a voucher thanking your clients for their loyalty and support throughout 2012. This voucher contains a complimentary “file and paint” voucher, however, you must change the voucher to suite your business’ needs. However, here are some very important rules to follow. When you customize your voucher, choose an item or items from your treatment menu that are quick to deliver, that don’t cost the Salon a lot of money and that have rebooking, upsell and cross sell options. If this card is not to your taste, remember that there are seven other Christmas cards with vouchers in the marketing store. Simply click on the “Christmas & New Years” category found on the right hand side of this page.
TOOL # 6 The last Christmas Marketing tool can be sent our after Christmas or even after New Year. It is an “Overstocked” Sales Letter. This is a carefully written sales letter that tells your customers that you made a mistake, you ordered too much stock for December. But your mistae is to their advantage because now they can buy retail packages at great prices. Simply bundle retail packages add them to the sales letter, use scarcity to create action and get selling.
 BONUS: Don’t forget some of the Christmas Marketing tools we created last year. Just click on the Christmas and New Years category in the marketing store and help yourself…

We would love to hear from you. Tell us what you are doing this December to grow your business. What plans, promotions and strategies have you put into place? Remember, it is your business and you alone are responsible to take your Salon from where it is to where it needs to be.

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