Are you neglecting or nurturing new customers?

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There is a very simple business question that 9 out of 10 Salon Owners can’t answer…

It is a questions that immediately tells me if your Salon is healthy or sick…

It tells me if your marketing is working or not…

It even tells me if your staff are good at what they do or if their service levels are below par…

Will you be able to answer “The Question?”


If someone broke into your house in the middle of the night and held a gun to your head, could you answer that question? Even if their life depended on it, most Salon Owners could only give a vague guess. Businesses exist to find, satisfy and keep customers coming back – thats why I find it appalling when Business Owners don’t even know how many new customers they recently acquired. What is even worse is the amount of Salon Owners who forget and neglect first time customers after they pay and walk out of the door.

Because new customers are so important to the future success of your business, Salon Studio CRM gives you a very simple yet extremely powerful way to measure how many new clients you brought into your business over the last month. Whenever you load a new client, or a walk in prospects contact details to the system, Salon Studio CRM automatically adds them to the “New Clients Group” on the contacts page and keeps them there for 30 days.

This simple little folder now helps you to do two important things as a Salon Owner.

Firstly, at any time you want, you can click on the “New Clients” folder and count how many new clients you have brought in for the day, the week or even the month. You obviously want to bring in more new clients this month than you did the month before. This simple little number will tell you if your marketing strategy is working or not.

Secondly, now that you know who your new customers are and what they came in for, it is your job to send these first time customers targeted, relevant promotions to get them to come back a second and a third time. Salon Studio CRM’s “New Client” folder automatically gives you 30 days worth of marketing opportunities to upsell, cross-sell and rebook these new customers. I hope that you are starting to understand that if you use Salon Studio CRM, you can quickly and easily create new business and increase revenue while your competitors are all letting repeat business from new customers slip through their fingers.

If you can get first time customers to come back again, it means that they trust you, they like your services and they want to do business with you. In the beauty industry, if you can get a first time customer to come back a second time you can easily retain him or her for years to come. I am assuming of course that your services are good and your customer communication is even better.

If you have been to any of my marketing or business management workshops, you will know that one of the ways I define marketing is, “The right message to the right person at the right time.” That’s exactly what marketing to first time customers is! With a little preparation and sales thinking, it is so easy to a compelling, professional looking sales letter to first time clients thanking them for their business and giving them value added reasons to come back…and bring their friends. The problem is, very few Salon Owners make the most of this wonderful marketing opportunity.

If you are looking for promotions and sales letters that have been written specifically for new customers, you can find them in the Salon Owners Marketing Toolbox inside of Salon Studio CRM. To compliments the after sales letters in the Toolbox, , we have created brand new SMS and Email Templates that you can download and send to new clients immediately after they leave your Salon.  These templates have been written to;

a. Position your Salon as the only Salon in your trading area that can be trusted to meet all of your new customers beauty needs.

b. Offer your new client (or walk in) a compelling, irresistable offer that incentivises them to come back again.

c. Make you and your staff look organized and professional.

The latest “New Client” marketing templates will be posted on the Salon Owners Marketing Toolbox inside Salon Studio CRM next Tuesday the 31st July. In next weeks post, I will give you complete instructions on the elements needed in a good “new client” promotion as well as complete instructions on how to download and customise the templates for use in your unique Salon.

Did you enjoy this post? I would love to hear from you. What do you do to capture new clients information and how do you make sure your new customers come back a second and a third time.


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