How to create salon birthday promotions

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Before you rush out and start sending Birthday messages to your customers, let’s stop and do a little ‘sales thinking.’

The goal of your Salon Studio CRM Birthday Marketing is to send personalised communication that gets a customer to come to your place of business on the day of her birthday. (Or as near to her birthday as possible) You are obviously using Salon Studio CRM to send birthday SMS’s and an Email’s because you want to increase revenue however you don’t want your birthday message to come across as a hard core sales pitch. Instead, your birthday marketing needs to be sincere, memorable and should leave your customer saying, “Wow! That’s amazing, I can’t believe what Salon ABC is doing for me…”

Go do some research on Google and you will discover that 99% of the Salons you compete against offer their clients a discount if they come in on the day of their birthday. I don’t recommend you do that!

A discount on the day of her birthday is not a compelling enough incentive to cause your customer to pick up the phone, make a booking and drive to your Salon. Your customers do not lie in bed at night and think, “I can’t wait for my Beauty Therapist to send me a discount for my birthday!” But, they do dream about being surprised, spoilt and swept off of their feet.

There’s another reason why I don’t recommend giving a discount and it has to do with standing out of the crowd. If you want to succeed at business, if you want your marketing to stand out of the crowd then take a look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.

Don’t do what your competition is doing. Instead you are going to give your customer a ‘complimentary birthday gift’ and because you know that your client is going out to celebrate and she wants to look good, I recommend giving your client a makeover. Now don’t let the word makeover worry you. It is not going to cost you a lot of time or money because there are three rules that are going to guide you as you create your salons birthday makeover package;

1. Choose services from your treatment menu that do not take long to deliver, thirty min or less.

2. Choose services that can be done at the same time.

3. Choose services from your menu that do not cost your salon lots of money.

4. Choose services that are visual, i.e. They must be services where the client can see a visible before and after difference. She should walk in one way and walk out another. She is going out to dinner for her birthday so she  must leave your salon looking good and knowing it.

5. Choose services that have great rebooking, crossell and upsell options. Make sure that your staff are trained and ready.

Having said that, you may also want to create a pamper package for some of your customers. You may have some customers who are not interested in a makeover but they might be more interested in taking time out for a quick massage or pedi.

As you create your birthday email promotions, remember that the goal is to create an offer that compels your client to book into your salon on the day of her birthday (or as close to her birthday as possible.) To do this, make sure that your birthday offer has the following elements;

Element 1. An attention grabbing headline that forces your customer to read through your entire promotion and book.

Element 2. A jaw dropping, compelling, irresistable offer that leaves your customer saying, “Wow, I have got to be crazy not to go to Salon ABC to get my gift”

Element 3. A deadline. Use a little fear as motivation – If I dont use it I stand to lose it.”

Element 4. A clear, easy to follow call to action. If you don’t ask your customer to respond and book in she won’t do it.

You can do all of this yourself but if you are a Salon Studio CRM customer you can go immediately to the Marketing Store inside of Salon Studio CRM and download 7  brand new, ready made birthday marketing promotions for hair, nails, make-up, massage and beauty. Customise them with your own offers, logo and contact details. Salon Management Studio is the only Spa and Salon Software in the world that offers you a complete marketing solution that will save you time, make you money and take the hard work and thinking out of marketing your salon. It is not just Salon Marketing Software, it is software with a built in professional marketing consultant.  Check out the preview below of some of our latest ready made templates.

New Birthday Marketing Tools

Bonus Templates

I hope you have enjoyed this series on birthday marketing for spas and salons. If you have any questions or if you need any help marketing your business I would love to hear from you.

P.S. Keep a look out for our Fathers Day Marketing tools coming soon!!

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