If something can go wrong it will…

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“If anything can go wrong it will, and at the worst possible time” Murphy’s Law. Let me ask you a very important question, “Are you running the risk of losing your data?”

How do you know if you are at risk? It’s simple, take a quick look at the ‘ Salon Studio CRM Dashboard’ to the right of this blog post. Right at the bottom of the dashboard you will see an indicator that shows the date and time of your last back-up. If the last back-up date is not yesterday date then you are at risk!!

It is important to understand that data corruption happens, hard drives fail, motherboards short-out, thefts occur and mistakes erase data. Today I spoke to a Salon Owner in Kempton Park who has been broken into twice this year already! The truth is it is not a matter of “if” something can go wrong with your data, it is simply a matter of “when.” In the end, Murphy always wins so you need to make sure you look after your data. After all, your data is your Salon’s greatest asset and backing-up your data is quick, easy and it is free.

The true cost of having no Data Back-Up

Most people don’t realize how much time, money and effort they have invested in the data on their hard drive. Forget about the obvious things like losing financial data which we know can be disastrous. Losing customer names, mobile numbers, contact details, email addresses and purchase history is just as bad. Without a proper data back-up getting up and going again can easily cost you a fortune in terms of money, time and lost productivity, heartache and stress. You have to ask yourself, how valuable is my data and how much is my time worth? Think about all the man hours it would take for you to recapture your customer database. With Salon Studio CRM, backing up your data has never been easier or faster. Regular data back-ups will turn several days of lost productivity and stress into ten minutes of restoring your data.

How often should I back-up my data?

As a general rule, if you use your computer on a daily basis, you should back-up your data every day. We recommend backing up your Salon Studio database to an external hard drive on a daily basis. Before you lock up your Salon, make it a habit to back-up your data. Backing up your data to a flash drive will take you less than a minute from start to finish.

Data back-up does not have to be a complicated, painful process. In fact, although it may seem unnecessary at first, but just imagine the time and money it will take to get all your important data back, or even worse, having to start from scratch.

How to back-up your data


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