Another ready made email template – Knock the socks off your Manicure Clients

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If you want proof that customer service in the South African Beauty Industry sucks, all you need to do is visit the website and do a simple experiment. Do a search on Spa’s or Salons and take a look at the number of customer complaints. You might even have a laugh when you read through some of the bad customer experiences.

Despite the you find yourself in a Service Industry, hardly any Spa’s and Salon’s have a written, intentional customer service plan. Most Spa’s and Salons do nothing about customer service because they don’t really know what to do and they don’t have the tools to make the work of customer service simple, fast and easy. That’s where we step in! To make your life easier and your Salon better than the competition down the road, we have provided you with ready to use email templates that can easily be pasted into Salon Management Studio’s targeted email system. We have literally taken the hard work out of customer service.

Take a look at the email template for Manicure Clients below. Simply copy it into your own Salon’s email template, customize it by adding in your Salon Name, Therapist Name and contact details as necessary. Once you are done, send the email to all clients who can for a manicure yesterday.

Inner Circle Members can go to the Shop inside of Salon Studio CRM and download the ready made after sales template now. The template will help you boost customer service, increase the sales of retail items like Nail Colours, Handcare Creams, Cuticle Oils and Topcoats. Because none of your competitors in your trading zone provide any after sales service, this template is guaranteed to blow your clients away.

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