Blink and you will miss this marketing opportunity

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That’s right, don’t blink because the “Christmas Spending Season” is right around the corner. That’s good news if you are a Salon Owner. For many of you reading this post, this has been a long difficult year.

In an email I sent to my clients recently, I spoke about the fact that Economists are predicting that the coming Christmas Holidays might be one of the worst in the last five years in terms of consumer spending. The price of Petrol in South Africa was recently increased to a record high. This is going to have a knock on effect on food, clothing, consumables and everything else. Just about every report or story I’ve read about this holiday season has suggested it won’t be a good one for retail businesses.

HOWEVER, despite the fact that the economy isn’t great at the moment, opportunities are everywhere for Salon Owners who prepared and proactive. This Christmas, Salon Owners who have a plan and who take massive marketing action starting now will do well this holiday season. Those who don’t take action now in November will suffer a slow Christmas and an even slower January!

When it comes to marketing, it’s never too early to start preparing for the Christmas Season. That’s why most retailers started their holiday marketing in mid-October. I am sure that you have come home from a shopping mall and commented to a family member, “I can’t believe Christmas decorations are already up at the mall!” There is a very good reason why big businesses start their marketing so early. For a small business like your Salon, you better start your marketing now at the beginning of November.

To take the hard work and thinking out of your Holiday Marketing, Salon Management Studio has created a complete Guide to Christmas Marketing. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding more ideas, step by step guides as well as ready-made special offers for you to email, place on Facebook and on your website. With our Marketing Software, customisable ready-made templates and a little planning, you’ll be well on your way to a stress free and profitable Christmas!

Three ideas on how to make your bottom line more cheerful this season (Note – these ideas work!!)

1. Start Early.

As I have already said, there’s a reason you see Woollies, Pick n Pay, Toy Stores, Supermarkets and other Retailers start putting out holiday decorations, promotions and flyers from late October. It is always better for consumers to pick up a products, services, vouchers and gifts from you early, than for them to wait until the last minute when they are sick of shopping and overspent their budget.

Your customers will spend money this Christmas, the question is “will they spend it at your business?” Your customers need your services, but they also need your retail products for themselves, their husbands, sons, daughters, friends and family members so make sure that you get your customers thinking about you and your Salon. How do you do that? Simple – frequent value added, timely communication from your Salon between now and Christmas.

2. Advertise Salon Operating Hours

A lot of people will not go away this December but they will be on leave, so make sure to you communicate that you will be open for business, their business. It is also a good idea (You Therapists might hate me for saying this) to open earlier and close later during December if you are serious about making money.

Make sure that your customers know your operating hours this coming Christmas. If you are going to be open for longer, let your customers know. If you are going to be closed on a public holiday (which I don’t recommend doing) like the 16th of December. Here is a tip, if your Salon will be open on the day of reconciliation, run a crazy special that is only available on the day. Start marketing it now and I guarantee that you will have a busy profitable day.

3. Create a sense of urgency

Here is a great money making tip. Two things usually happen around Christmas. Firstly, many of your customers go away to the coast. This means they need their nails, wax, tan, facial etc… before they leave. If they don’t get their treatments, they stand the chance of not looking and feeling great during the holidays.  Secondly, business usually picks up and your scheduler gets full in December. Use these two facts to your advantage. Right now, in the middle of November, send an email to all of your clients telling them the following;

1. Your scheduler for December is already filling up fast. Space for their favourite service is disappearing quickly.

2. Tell your clients when you will be closing your business for the Holidays. (Create urgency by limiting time)

3. Tell them that because they are V.I.P’s you want to put them at the front of the ‘queue.’

4. Help your clients avoid disappointment this holiday by encouraging them to book their December appointment now in November.

5. Throw in a value added incentive for them to respond to the email and book their treatment immediately.

Salon Management Studio customers can go to the Marketing Store inside of Salon Studio and download a ready-made, done for you email template / sales letter. Customise the template with your Salon’s name, contact details and operating hours. 

These are simple low cost ideas that work. They cost nothing except a little time and thought. Do them and you will have a profitable December while most of your competitors stress and struggle to make the most of one of the best and biggest marketing opportunities on the calendar.

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