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The Spa and Salon market is a multi-billion dollar industry. So when it comes to marketing your business we always teach our clients that it is better to be different than it is to be good. What do I mean by this? If you study most Spa and Salon adverts they try and attract customers by telling the world that “we are the best, we offer quality etc…” This is the same boring stuff that all your competitors talk about. Instead of telling people that your Salon has the best products and services you should do everything to point out why your Salon is different. Take a look at the video I found on below to see how one innovative (or maybe insane) Salon Owner in Israel differentiates her Salon from the competition.


Some of you watching this video are thinking to yourself, “That’s disgusting, that idea will never sell.” Regardless of how you feel about snake therapy, here’s the point – people are talking about her Salon. This video was created by Reuters, the international news agency. When last was your Salon in the news? When last was everyone in your neighbourhood talking about your business?

Instead of trying to compete head on with traditional salons offer something different, unique or off-the-wall. Your crazy spa offering could be your main service OR you could use it to gain publicity to attract attention to your business.

Look around at what all your competitors are doing. Now look at what you’re doing. Is it the same, or is it different? If it is the same then you are just a face in the crowd. The question is, “What can you offer or what can you do to turn the common into the uncommon, the ordinary into the extraordinary? What can you do with your marketing to get people talking about you?”

Do you have any outrageous ideas about marketing your Salon? Have you come across any great salon marketing ideas? Share them with us in the comments box below!

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