Use Salon Studio’s Client Card to avoid making the # 1 marketing mistake

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“Your customer database is your target market. It deserves all your attention and your highest priority” Michael Gerber

A recent marketing survey found that less than 38% of small businesses in South Africa have an accurate database that they regularly and consistently contact. I think that the Beauty Industry is particularly negligent when it comes to collecting customer’s details. In my experience, only two out of ten salons that I work with has an accurate database that is stored on a computer. The other eight either don’t have a database or they have random customer details stored on disorganised client cards that they never refer to after the client’s first visit. That may have worked in the 1960’s but this kind of thing is no longer acceptable. This is the reason why so many Beauty Businesses fail, it’s not the economy, it’s not lack of skill and it is certainly not an education problem. It’s simply because Business Owners and Managers don’t do the basics. One of the most basic things you need to understand about business is that your customer database is your businesses greatest asset. In fact I call your customer database “The Goldmine in your backyard.” Your marketing can only be as good as your customer database, so if your marketing sucks I will bet my life that you have a “half-assed” database. Even after all the years I have been involved in the beauty industry, I still blows my mind when I see Salon’s that don’t have a database. Just this week I visited a salon that started in 2000. The owner has no database and can’t even tell you how many customers she has! No wonder why business is slow.

Your customer database needs to have two things, length and depth. In other words your database must have a lot of customers and lots of information about each customer. Rule # 1 in Marketing is “The more information you have on your clients the more control you have over the buying relationship.” Most Spa’s and Salons use a client card that has been given to them by their product supplier. These client cards usually focus on skin types etc. For marketing purposes this is simply not enough.

To help you build a valuable, accurate and reliable database, Salon Management Studio has created a marketing client card that is proven to boost the sale of your products and services. The client card is designed to be used in conjunction with Salon Studio’s CRM software for Salons. It helps you capture information that 90% of Salon Owners never even think about, information that is critical to marketing your products and services to your customers. Once this marketing information has been uploaded in to the software, your customer is automatically profiled according to more than 27 different criteria including purchase preference, purchase history, age, gender, marital status and much much more. When you have an accurately profiled customer database you can send your clients specific, targeted sms’s and emails within three to five clicks of your mouse button.

Inner Circle Members can go to the Shop inside of Salon Studio CRM and download the client card. Once it has downloaded, customize the card by adding in your Salon’s name, logo and contact details. Then make sure that you get religious about collecting new customers details as well as updating old clients information.





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