Improve your Nail Business with these simple ideas

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If you offer Gel or Acrylic Nails in your Salon then you need to pay attention to this blog post. It doesn’t matter what town or city your Salon is based in, there are probably too many Nail Tech’s operating in your trading zone. When I was growing up there was a cafe on every street corner, these days there is a Nail Salon on every corner and in every shopping centre. The point is – you face a lot of competition. So how do you attract customers to your Salon and at the same time differentiate yourself from the competition?

Most Nail Tech’s try and attract more customers by lowering their prices and offering ridiculous discounts. That’s why you see Salon adverts like the one here, “Nails for R150.” Salon Management Studio customers know better. Instead of lowering your prices, add more value and charge accordingly. Keep an eye out for blog posts in the next few weeks on how to create value added offers that will leave your competitors in the dust.

Here is a simple way to add more value. Provide better customer service and after sales support for your Nail Clients. Consumers are sick and tired of paying for nails that don’t last, discolour or lift. So the easy way for you to separate yourself from your competition is to send out a ready made email to your Nails Clients the day after they the come to your salon.

The ready made email should communicate the following;

1. It must remind your customer of her next appointment,

2. It must provide reassurance that if she is not satisfied with her nails that she can contact you and you will solve her problem.

3. It should upsell her more of your services and retail products

4. It should give her tips and tricks to prolong the longevity of her nails

Once again Salon Management Studio has taken the hard work out of marketing  your Salon and providing customer service. Salon Management Studio customers can go to the Inner Circle Marketing Shop inside Salon Studio CRM and download the template called “Ready Made Template – After Sales service for your Nail Clients ” now. All you need to do it customise the ready made after sales email with your Salon’s name, contact details and Nail Tech’s name. Once the template is customised, all it takes is three clicks of your mouse button and the email is delivered to your customers. You can now use the same template for all of your Nail Clients.

Let us know what you think of this post. We would love to hear from you so please share your thoughts, ideas and comments in the box below. If there is any topic you would like us to write about just let us know…

After Sales Templates

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